Hire a law firm who will actually handle your case.

Some firms advertise and sign up car and truck accident cases only to refer your case to another firm to handle through resolution.

SELPH LAW handles any and all cases we advertise for.  We do not broker cases to other firms for a split of the fee.  We believe proper preparation of your case is the difference between winning and losing.  We believe the best law firms don’t cost you more, they get you more.

Hire a law firm with a record of success.

Some law firm’s brag about the total of settlements won. But, when you pull back the curtain and see their volume of cases handled, years in business and the average settlement amount, that number doesn’t seem so big.

SELPH LAW record of success is measured one case at a time.  We work on each case every day.  Our personal attention is unprecedented. You will receive the e-mail of address of your attorney and paralegal and are urged to communicate with them at any time.  The only settlement that matters to us is yours.

Make sure all of your medical bills get paid out of the settlement.

Some firms only pay the doctor who refer them the case or to whom they refer you to leaving ambulance, emergency room, doctors, x-ray and other diagnostic bills for you to pay.  These bills become your responsibility and the creditor will come collecting from you and leave you with less of a settlement than you think or no settlement at all. 

SELPH LAW makes sure all of the medical bills get paid.  We would never devalue our client’s cases by giving our client’s money only to have them having to pay creditors down the road. Ohio is a lump sum state.  That means you get paid for your injuries one time and that has to pay your medical bills, lost wages, attorney’s fees and other past and future economic losses you may have from the accident. 

Hire a firm with real trial experience.

Some law firms claim to have trial attorneys, often they have junior lawyers who are pushed and incentivized to settle cases instead of litigating them to get full value.  One trick some firms use to get you to settle your case below value is they require you to advance the litigation costs for filing fees, depositions, court reporting fees and expert fees.  These costs can be in excess of $10,000.

SELPH LAW tries cases and insurance companies know not to undervalue their clients claims.  Every personal injury client has a senior associate assigned to the evaluations, negotiation and if need be, the trial of your case.  If needed, we go all the way to a jury trial to prove our clients cases. 

The insurance company knows which firms settle cases cheaply and use will use that information as part of the evaluation of your case.

Some law firms are even labeled “settlement mills”, they work on volumes of cases and settle them cheaply for the sake of speed.  They’d rather ask you to take less than make the insurance companies pay more. Don’t let your case fall victim to another firm’s greed.

SELPH LAW will not settle your case for pennies on the dollar.  We prepare every case for trial in case your case requires litigation.  This allows us to hold insurance companies fully accountable for our client’s injuries.   Our firm has tried cases to verdict all over Ohio and will always fight for the rights of our clients.

Make sure your lawyer submits a complete history of your accident, injuries, lost wages and other economic damages.

Some firms are in such a rush to settle your case they often miss vital pieces of your claim in an attempt to settle it quickly.  This devalues the claim and shortchanges you.

SELPH LAW leaves no stone unturned when preparing, evaluating and negotiating our claim.  This allows our client to always get full value on their cases.