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06 Jan

Product Liability

Product Liability Lawsuits

Product liability refers to the liability of any and all parties along the chain of manufacture production for an item that has caused damage to a consumer. Product liability claims are pursued for different reasons. The defendant could sell a product that the plaintiff uses and said item becomes the proximate cause of plaintiff injury.. The defendant could be a commercial seller of such a product.. Or when the item was sold it was simply defective.

Defects That Create Liability 

There are three types of product defects that incur liability in manufactures and suppliers.

  1. Design Defects

Design flaws are some of the most common in liability cases. While the item might serve its purpose well it can be unreasonably dangerous to use because of a design flaw. 

  1. Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing defects occur during the construction or production of the item. Only a few out of many products will be flawed with manufacturing defects.

  1. Defects in Marketing

Defects in marketing are due to improper or false instructions or failure to warn consumers of the dangers of using said product. 

What are you Entitled To?

Medical Expenses- Any medicine, pharmacy bills, physical therapy costs and hospital bills

Lost Income- Any lost income from your usual employment due to the defective product.

Disability Costs- If you suffered any form of disability from the incident that was caused by the defective product.

Property Damage- Some defective products may cause property damage, for example an electronic cigarette that explodes, burns down your property, then you would have a case against that manufacturer.

Pain and Suffering- Any emotional and psychological effects due to injury. It covers pain, suffering, anguish, or loss of job due to the injury caused by defective product. 

Loss of Consortium- Compensation for negative effects the injury has caused between you and your significant other. For example if you can no longer perform intimate acts with your spouse you may be entitled to loss of consortium. 

Permanent Disfigurement- This covers permanent scarring on your body due to the defective product. 

How Can a Product Liability Attorney Help You?

It is one thing to claim product liability versus actually being able to prove the other parties negligence. This would be the main reason a seasoned attorney would be able to help you greatly.  

Even if you believe you have a very strong case, from the defendant’s perspective  things could be very different. Hiring an attorney is crucial in proving the other party is at fault. 

An experienced product liability attorney will help you gather crucial evidence to build your case such as, interviewing witnesses, gathering documentation and medical records. Proving the product was indeed defective and proving you were using the product for its intended purposes. Call an experienced Product Liability Attorney Today at (614)-453-0971.

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