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07 Apr

The Role of Homeowners Insurance in Ohio Dog Bite Cases

In Ohio, many dog bite cases are covered by homeowner's insurance policies. In this blog post, we'll take…
11 Mar

Understanding Personal Injury Basic Terms

Basic Terms When navigating the unknown, such as personal injury law, it is important to be aware of…
10 Mar

The Most Common Personal Injury Cases

Personal Injury Cases Many kinds of incidents could lead to Personal Injury claims, here are a few of…
28 Feb

Personal Injury Animal Attack Cases

5 Animal Attack Stories Misbehaving animals can cause tremendous damage, it seems like there is a national news…
25 Feb

The Strangest Lawsuits of All Time

Many of us have heard of people slipping and falling or finding a piece of metal in their…
23 Feb

How a Personal Injury Claim Works

Learning the Basics of Personal Injury Law Start to get a sense of what personal injury means and…
21 Feb

Crazy Personal Injury Cases

The 3 Strangest Personal Injury Cases in History We’ve all heard of them. The outrageous personal injury cases…
19 Jan

Top Five Strangest Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury Claims When thinking about personal injury claims, most people think of cases involving slip and falls,…
17 Dec

Ohio Dog Bite Laws

Child Mauled to Death in Akron A history of Dog Bites has been uncovered at a home in…

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