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16 Feb

Train Accidents

The 5 Worst Train Accidents in History Trains have been around for over 200 years, but their immense…
02 Feb

Crash Fatalities Soar in Ohio

Ohio Traffic Crash Fatalities Highest in Nearly 20 Years Last year was the deadliest year on Ohio roadways…
01 Feb

Snowplow Turns Ohio Turnpike Deadly

Ohio Turnpike Snow Plow Damages at Least 40 vehicles & Injures 12 A Truck driver traveling on the…
28 Jan

Avoiding Auto Accident Scams

Staged Car Accidents Scams Can Happen to You With anything that has insurance involved in making large payouts,…
28 Jan

Staged “Fake” Auto Accidents

23 People Teamed Up To Make $1 Million Off Staged Car Crashes In total, several families allegedly defrauded…
19 Jan

Top Five Strangest Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury Claims When thinking about personal injury claims, most people think of cases involving slip and falls,…
14 Jan

Car Accidents in Ohio

Deadly Buggy Crash Kills Father & Son In Holmes County Ohio Sheriff deputies are investigating after a Millersburg…
11 Jan

Bicycle Accidents Coverage

Bicycle Accidents  Bicycles are very popular in Columbus and are often seen in the city streets.  It's a…
07 Jan

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, one person has died after a crash early Sunday…

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