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22 Aug

Fact or Fiction: Speaking to At Fault Party’s Insurance Adjuster

Fact or Fiction: After an Automobile Accident, I Should Speak to the At Fault Party’s Insurance Adjuster.


Generally, an insurance adjuster is representing the client who pays them. An insurance adjusters’ job is to offer you as little compensation as possible. If you do not know
what your rights are or what compensation you may be entitled to, then it means you could get far less than you deserve. This also means the adjuster will try to settle quickly before you are
done treating to avoid a possible lawsuit. Talking to the insurance adjuster can deter you away from any treatment you may be getting, cause you to return to work too quickly, or cause you to pay out of pocket when not needed. If you have been involved in accident, then your best option to protect yourself by declining to speak with the at fault party’s insurance and to consider
getting the help of an Attorney. Our experienced attorneys have years of experience with accident litigation and have the skills necessary to resolve your
claims and protect your rights. Our main focus is making sure you get the treatment you need to get healthy, not worrying about how to navigate this
confusing legal area.

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