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07 Jan

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, one person has died after a crash early Sunday morning in Marion Township. 

Troopers responded to a call around 1:38am to a crash on US Route 23 near milepost 11.

Aaron Schilling was the man involved in this unfortunate accident. Mr. Schilling was stated to be traveling northbound on US Route 23 when he lost control of his motorcycle. The motorcycle flipped onto its side and then struck the median according to Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Mr. Schilling was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash before first responders could arrive on scene. 

Ohio State Highway Patrol stated the driver was not wearing a protective helmet at the time of the incident.


How to Prevent a Motorcycle Crash

There are numerous reasons why riding a motorcycle puts you at a high risk for being involved in a crash that can result in serious injury or death. 

One reason why is that even the smallest obstacles such as leaves, wet pavement or cracks in the roadway can cause accidents. Another reason is because motorcycles are significantly smaller and harder to see compared to other cars which increases the risk of being hit. 

When motorcycle accidents occur, there is a higher likelihood of severe injury because motorcycles do not have the proper safety equipment such as airbags and seatbelts, the proper safety precautions that all cars are equipped with. 

Fortunately using the following eight tips you can reduce the risk of a crash.

  1. Slow Down

The faster you go, the less time you have to see and react to debris, other cars and potential hazards.

You should never go above the speed that allows you to use fixed objects like telephone poles to judge a road’s direction. An extra second could be all the time you need to maneuver around a gap in the pavement or a slippery spot on the road.

     2. Never Ride Between Active Traffic and Parked Cars

This is dangerous for a few reasons, a driver could open his or her car door and you could plow right through it. A car could pull out in front of you and you could crash into it. A pedestrian could step out and you may not have enough time to slow down and avoid a collision. 

     3. Don’t Drink & Drive

Alcohol always slows your reaction time and impairs judgment, which is why it is one of the leading causes of motorcycle crashes. 

Drinking and riding a motorcycle is even more dangerous than drinking and driving a regular car because simply keeping the bike upright requires balance and coordination. 

    4. Perform Regular Maintenance 

Ensuring your motorcycle is in excellent running condition can help reduce the risk of a crash. You can do this by performing regular maintenance on the following components. 

Engine, Brakes, Tires, Headlamps and Turn Signals.

    5. Learn How to Deal with Common Road Hazards

You will encounter road hazards at some point, whether it is train tracks, wet pavement, potholes, leaves or rubber from blown out tires. 

You need to know what to do to maneuver around or through these hazards without being involved in a serious accident.

Taking a motorcycle riding course will provide you with strategies for dealing with some of the common hazards you will encounter.

    6. Never Share A Lane With Another Car

This is a totally unnecessary risk to take when riding your motorcycle. Drivers do not expect to be sharing lanes with motorcycles so they may not look for motorcyclists when changing lanes, resulting in a very preventable accident.

    7. Always Watch for Potential Hazards

   Your attention should always be on the road and what is around you, whether that is other cars, a turn, road hazards, pedestrians or anything else.

Paying close attention to your surroundings will allow you to see obstacles right away, providing you the time you need to avoid them.


What to Do If You’ve Been Injured

Despite doing everything you can to avoid an accident, they still do happen. If you or someone you love has been involved in an auto accident of any sort, it is in your best interest to seek legal guidance from an experienced Personal Injury Attorney. We can help you receive the financial compensation you are entitled to for your losses and damages. Give us a call today at (614)-453-0971 to get the BIG results you deserve.

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