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06 Jan

New Ohio OVI Laws

13 killed in Ohio crashes during Thanksgiving Holiday Travel with 300 arrested for OVI

It was a busy holiday weekend on the roadways in Ohio, The Ohio State Highway Patrol has released their Thanksgiving weekend fatal accident report that covers a five day period from Wednesday, November 24th through Sunday November 28th.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, 13 people were killed on the roadways in 10 fatal crashes. Of the 13 killed, one of which was a pedestrian, four were not wearing seatbelts and three of the total accidents involved impaired drivers. 

Ohio State Patrol Officers arrested 300 people for operating vehicles whilst impaired and 147 people for drugs. 


Infrastructure Bill may Deputize Your Car to Detect DUI/OVI

A recently passed Infrastructure Bill has been hailed as a once in a generation investment in the roads, bridges, railways and other means of transportation in our country. One provision of the bill instructs automakers to investigate monitoring systems aimed at eliminating drunk driving by installing new systems in new consumer vehicles by the year 2026. One option for this new system is called an “Ignition Interlock Device”.

The Ignition interlock device works by requiring the driver to blow into a tube, much like a breathalyzer. If the Interlock Device detects any alcohol then it will lock the vehicle and disable it from running. 

However the legislation does not specify exactly the form the system must take, only that it has to “passively monitor the performance of a driver of a motor vehicle and accurately identify whether that driver may be impaired.” Since the Ignition Interlock Device is not passive it does not quite satisfy the language of the bill.

Other options include using a sensor to detect alcohol in the air, however this would prevent anyone from driving a drunk friend home even. Some people suggest the use of infrared cameras being developed for self driving technology to monitor drivers for signs of impairment. This raises a host of questions and concerns.

One of the biggest deciding factors is whether or not people are willing to go along with these new systems. How will drivers take it when their vehicles decide they are too impaired to drive whether that is an accurate assumption or not. This legislation has the potential to completely reshape the OVI enforcement in the US and definitely something to keep a close eye on as these new mandates evolve and are implemented into the public. 


Have you been Injured in a Drunk Driving Accident?

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