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17 Dec

Ohio Dog Bite Laws

Child Mauled to Death in Akron

A history of Dog Bites has been uncovered at a home in Akron where a child was mauled to death by a Pitbull. 

The big question is whether or not the life of 16 month old Kavay Louis could have been saved had adults in the Akron home realized the potential dangers lying within the home.

The family would not disclose who the two Pitbull’s explicitly belonged to, but stated baby Kavay had been around them since birth, despite an aggressive history and two prior instances of dog bites at the Akron home. 

According to the U.S postal service, mail deliveries to the Akron home had been suspended this summer after a dog attacked the mailman in June. 

Investigators uncovered at least two incidents within the last year and a half that point to a pretty clear safety concern for any children in the home and even some adults.

“We could do could haves all day” Kavay’s parents stated. “She’s still not here. It’s not going to bring her back what could have been done, what should’ve been done.”


Dog Bites in Ohio

In general dogs get one free bite before their owners become liable (Not in all cases). If they bite someone one time, there are no consequences, and the owner is simply expected to take better care to train or restrain their dog in the future.

If you are bitten by a dog in a common law jurisdiction, you’ll have to prove that the dog has bitten or tried to bite someone else before. You’ll also have to prove that the owner of the dog knew about that incident. It’s tough to prove in court, which is why many states have enacted specific tightening the rules for dog bites.

Ohio has strict statutory liability for dog bites. In other words, Ohio law makes dog owners liable for every bite, including the first one. 

Ohio Compensation Laws

If you are bitten by a dog in the State of Ohio, in most cases you are entitled to compensation from the owner of the dog. Said compensation should cover any medical expenses you incur as a result of the dog bite as well as any property damage. 

Call a Top Rated Personal Injury Attorney at (614)-453-0971 if you or a loved one has suffered injuries due to a dog owner’s negligence.

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