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14 Dec

Ohio’s Most Astonishing Personal Injury Cases

From Bizarre Accidents to Unbelievable Encounters

Introduction Ohio has had its fair share of unique and mind-boggling incidents. From surreal car accidents to one-of-a-kind personal injury cases, the Buckeye State has witnessed events that range from the extraordinary to the downright strange. Here at SELPH LAW, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most jaw-dropping stories that have occurred right here in Ohio.

1. The Flying Turkey Incident In a bizarre twist of fate, a driver in rural Ohio experienced a real-life “bird strike” when a wild turkey flew through their windshield. The incident, which seemed like a scene from a movie, resulted in minor injuries and a very shaken driver.

2. The Great Bee Swarming Car Crash A semi-truck carrying millions of bees overturned on an Ohio highway, unleashing a swarm of bees. The ensuing chaos caused multiple car accidents and left drivers and emergency responders running for cover.

3. The Haunted House Fright Gone Wrong In a popular Ohio haunted house, a visitor was so scared that they ran headfirst into a wall, resulting in a personal injury claim. The case raised questions about liability and safety in entertainment venues.

4. The Unbelievable Deer Leap A deer leaped from an overpass onto a moving vehicle below on an Ohio freeway. The incident, which seemed like a scene from an action movie, miraculously resulted in only minor injuries but left an unforgettable tale.

5. The Bouncy Castle Takeoff A sudden gust of wind in a small Ohio town sent a bouncy castle flying, with children still inside. While the kids emerged mostly unscathed, it sparked discussions about the safety and regulation of such entertainment equipment.

6. The Sinkhole Surprise In a quiet Ohio neighborhood, a massive sinkhole unexpectedly opened up, swallowing a car whole. The driver escaped unharmed but the incident caused quite a stir and highlighted infrastructure concerns.

7. The Ice Sculpture Mishap During a winter festival in Ohio, an ice sculpture unexpectedly toppled over, injuring a bystander. The incident led to a personal injury claim and brought to light issues regarding public safety at events.

8. The Eerie Escalator Encounter In an Ohio shopping mall, an escalator malfunctioned, speeding up unexpectedly and causing shoppers to pile up at the bottom. This bizarre malfunction resulted in several minor injuries and a memorable story for those involved.

9. The Unexpected Highway Plane Landing In a truly extraordinary event, a small plane made an emergency landing on an Ohio highway, miraculously avoiding vehicles and resulting in no injuries but leaving eyewitnesses in utter disbelief.

10. The Rollercoaster of Legalities A malfunction in a popular Ohio amusement park rollercoaster resulted in injuries and a subsequent legal battle, raising questions about ride safety and inspection protocols.

Conclusion While these incidents may seem out of the ordinary, they serve as a reminder of the unpredictability of life and the importance of being prepared. At SELPH LAW, we understand that unusual accidents require exceptional legal guidance.

Need Legal Assistance? If you’ve had a whacky encounter or a unique personal injury case in Ohio, SELPH LAW is here to help. Contact us for a consultation at (614)-453-0971 or visit our website at We specialize in turning even the most unusual cases into successful settlements.

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