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28 Feb

Personal Injury Animal Attack Cases

5 Animal Attack Stories

Misbehaving animals can cause tremendous damage, it seems like there is a national news story every few months, while the media only tends to report the most serious events, including incidents that occur in the public spaces of zoos and parks, bites from dogs usually occur far more frequently than other pets. Even if these bites don’t result in death, these events can have very serious after effects and implications that linger for months or even a few years. The following examples have all resulted in either death or serious injury that produced hefty payouts as a result. 

  • Pittsburgh Zoo’s African Painted Dogs Mauling

In 2012, a toddler fell into an African painted dog habitat at the Pittsburgh Zoo and subsequently died in a brutal attack from the animals. Although the lawsuit filed by the parents is ongoing, the zoo has already been forced to pay about $5,000 to the U.S. Department of Agriculture as part of a settlement for a criminal investigation. This is likely to increase the chance the zoo will be found liable in the parents’ suit.

  •  Maine Dog Bite Case

A man who was pursued and mauled by a Rottweiler, successfully secured a $175,000 verdict after rejecting a far smaller settlement offer from the dog owner’s attorney. Despite a relatively small medical bill, he successfully argued the incident left him psychologically scarred. 

  • New York Dog Bite Case

A similar animal attack involving a pit bull attack in New York State produced a verdict of nearly $250,000. While the injuries weren’t extensive, the attack dramatically affected the victims wellbeing. The jury agreed that such mental trauma had to be taken into account. 

  • Massive Pit Bull Attack Case

A much more serious pit bull attack in Missouri resulted in a total payout of more than $7 million. Much of this was because of a $500,000 medical bill and more than $1 million dollars in loss of future income.

  • San Francisco Zoo’s Siberian Tiger Rampage 

In this 2007 incident, one person was killed and two others seriously injured in a tiger mauling at the San Francisco Zoo. In 2009, the family of the deceased individual settled with the zoo for an undisclosed amount of money that was reported to be an excess of $1 million dollars the two survivors received payments of 900,000.

We hope that you and your loved ones will never have to experience something as terrible as an animal attack first hand. Even non-fatal attacks can be very traumatic experiences that take years to fade. Many of these incidents produce long lasting effects, including serious infections and psychological scars. If you do find yourself dealing with the aftermath of one of these tragic events, Tompkins Selph & Associates can offer support and guidance in this difficult time. To consult with one of our personal injury attorneys contact us today for a FREE consultation at 614-453-0971.

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