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27 Jan

Social Media After An Auto Accident

Be Careful What You Post on Social Media After a Motor Vehicle Accident

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are a great way to stay connected to friends and family. However, you should be careful what you post on them after a car accident. If you post too much or the wrong thing, it may negatively impact your personal injury claim.

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You Can Post That You Were in a Motor vehicle Accident

Although you should be careful about the details you post online, you can post the fact that you were involved in a motor vehicle accident. This might serve as proof to the insurance company that you were shaken enough to tell your friends and family about the situation. You can also post that you are going to seek medical treatment and where. Simply stating the facts about your accident is acceptable. 

Do Not Post That You Are “Okay” or “Fine” 

You might want to tell your friends and family that you are “okay” or “fine” after an accident, but avoid words like that. The insurance company may think that means you are not really injured and don’t need medical treatment or compensation. 

Instead, you might post that your condition is “pending medical treatment” or “you’re still waiting to hear from your doctors about the details of your injuries.” It’s safe to post that you’re uncertain about the severity of your injuries

Don’t Post Negative Things About The At Fault Driver

Although you might seek out information online about the at fault driver, don’t tag them in posts or say negative things about them. This will only reflect poorly upon you and make the defendant less willing to negotiate a fair settlement. In fact, they may even accuse you of disparaging them unfairly if you post negative things about them. 

Don’t Post How Much You’re Offered in Settlement

Most settlement offers are confidential. Whether you accept it or not, you may be restricted from discussing it publicly or with other people at all. You should only discuss your settlement offer with your attorney, as they can advise you on what is a fair offer to cover all of your losses and expenses. 

Don’t Mention That You’ve Filed a Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you and your attorney decide to file a personal injury lawsuit against the at fault driver and their insurance company, you shouldn’t post about it online. Your friends and family might have input about your lawsuit and they may offer invalid advice to you. You don’t have to subject yourself to negative opinions.

Contact Tompkins Selph & Associates For Legal Advice After an Accident

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, Tompkins Selph & Associates can help you. We will evaluate your claim, conduct an investigation, and determine how much your case is worth. Call us today at (614)-453-0971.

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