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12 Apr

Sue-ing Nothing Part 2: Further Adventures in the Legal Void

The legal realm, vast and varied as it is, occasionally presents cases that seem to emerge from the outer limits of human imagination. Following our exploration of some of the most bewildering lawsuits ever conceived—where plaintiffs took aim at intangible entities, abstract concepts, or the void itself—we delve deeper into this curious corner of jurisprudence. At SELPH LAW, situated in the heart of Dublin, Ohio, we’ve encountered a spectrum of legal challenges, but it’s the cases that venture into the realm of the surreal that remind us of the boundless creativity (or audacity) of those seeking justice. This blog post continues our journey into the most head-scratching lawsuits, presenting a new compilation of legal attempts to sue… essentially nothing, showcasing the odd and often humorous side of legal history.

1. The Quest Against Bad Luck
An individual, plagued by a series of unfortunate events, sought to sue “Bad Luck,” blaming it for a host of personal and professional mishaps. The plaintiff demanded restitution for years of alleged sabotage by this unseen force, leading to a case that left many in the legal community scratching their heads over how to prosecute an abstract concept responsible for random chance occurrences.

2. Litigating Against Echoes
In a quiet mountain town, a lawsuit was filed against “the echoes” that disturbed the plaintiff’s peace with their own voice bouncing back at them from the hillsides. Claiming that the echoes constituted a form of harassment, the plaintiff sought a legal injunction to silence them, posing a unique challenge to the court’s ability to regulate natural acoustics.

3. The Dispute Over Shadows
A homeowner brought a case against the shadows cast by a neighbor’s tree, arguing that they were depressingly dark and diminished the value of their property. Seeking damages and the removal of the tree, this lawsuit ventured into the murky waters of how sunlight and shadows can affect property rights and mental well-being.

4. Taking on Deja Vu
A person claimed to suffer from frequent and disorienting episodes of deja vu, leading them to sue the phenomenon itself for causing mental distress and confusion. The lawsuit sought compensation for the unsettling feeling of having lived through moments repeatedly, challenging the court to consider the legal standing of a psychological experience.

5. The Lawsuit Against Silence
In contrast to the case against oppressive silence mentioned in our previous exploration, another individual sued “complete and utter silence” for causing an unbearable sense of isolation and anxiety. This legal action aimed to establish a minimum decibel level for human comfort, intriguing those fascinated by the impacts of sound—or the lack thereof—on human health.

6. Challenging the Color Purple
An artist sued the color purple, claiming that its pervasive use in art and advertising infringed upon their unique style and emotional expression. The case sought exclusive rights to the use of this particular hue in certain contexts, blurring the lines between copyright law and the natural spectrum visible to the human eye.

7. The Battle Against Boredom
Boredom became the defendant in a lawsuit filed by an individual claiming that it was a direct cause of their life’s dissatisfaction and lack of achievement. The plaintiff demanded that measures be taken to eliminate boredom from society, invoking a debate on personal responsibility versus environmental stimulation.

8. The Fight Against The Future
A forward-thinking plaintiff filed a preemptive lawsuit against “The Future,” citing concerns over potential privacy infringements and other unnamed grievances yet to occur due to technological advancements. This case raised philosophical questions about the nature of time, responsibility, and the scope of legal foresight.

9. The Legal War on Cold
A person sued the concept of cold after slipping on ice, seeking damages for the injuries sustained and the general discomfort caused by low temperatures. This lawsuit aimed to hold Mother Nature accountable, challenging the legal system to find a suitable defendant for the weather.

10. Suing the Internet
In a bold move, an individual filed a lawsuit against the internet for overwhelming them with information and negatively impacting their ability to concentrate. The plaintiff argued that the internet, as an entity, should be regulated to prevent information overload, posing a unique challenge to defining responsibility in the digital age.

While these cases might stretch the imagination (and are more playful musings than actual court cases), they serve as a reminder of the infinite variety of human concerns that can lead to legal inquiries, even those that venture into the abstract. At SELPH LAW, we appreciate the complexity and sometimes the whimsy of the legal challenges that individuals believe warrant judicial consideration.

Should you find yourself facing a legal dilemma, whether grounded in reality or the abstract, do not hesitate to contact SELPH LAW at (614)-453-0971.

Explore our legal services and how we approach each case with a balance of professionalism and openness to the unique circumstances of our clients by visiting our website at At SELPH LAW, you’ll find a team ready to navigate the legal system with you, no matter how unusual the journey may seem.

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