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10 Nov

The Ethics of Personal Injury Law: The Debate Surrounding “Ambulance Chasing” and Genuine Advocacy

At SELPH LAW, situated at 6047 Frantz Road, Dublin OH 43017, we’ve spent countless hours assisting clients who’ve experienced personal injuries in various circumstances. Our commitment to their cause and their rights is unwavering. However, like every profession, personal injury law has been fraught with ethical dilemmas and debates. One of the most prominent debates centers on the portrayal of personal injury attorneys as “ambulance chasers” versus genuine advocates. Today, we delve deep into this debate and shed light on the misconceptions surrounding personal injury law and the ethics that guide our practice.

“Ambulance Chasing”: The Origins

The term “ambulance chasing” conjures up negative imagery of lawyers hastily following ambulances to hospitals, hoping to secure a client at their most vulnerable. Historically, this term emerged from scenarios where a few attorneys used unsavory tactics to solicit business directly from accident victims, often before they could fully grasp the scope of their situation.

However, it’s important to understand that such tactics are not just frowned upon—they are prohibited by professional ethics rules. Most state bar associations, including Ohio’s, have stringent guidelines about approaching potential clients in such a manner.

Genuine Advocacy in Personal Injury Law

Personal injury attorneys, like the dedicated team at SELPH LAW in Columbus, OH, primarily focus on helping individuals who have suffered due to someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing. These cases can range from automobile accidents to medical malpractice, from workplace injuries to defective products. The aim? To ensure that victims get the compensation they deserve for their pain, suffering, and financial losses.

Passion for Justice: Genuine personal injury attorneys enter the field driven by a passion for justice. They seek to level the playing field, ensuring that individuals have a fighting chance against large corporations or insurance companies that might be reluctant to provide fair compensation.
Investment in Clients: At SELPH LAW, we invest our resources in understanding the unique needs and challenges of each client. This is far removed from the stereotype of ‘snatching’ clients. Instead, it’s about building a relationship based on trust and shared goals.
Ethical Considerations in Personal Injury Law

No Direct Solicitation: As mentioned earlier, directly approaching someone after an incident, without them reaching out first, is ethically problematic. Attorneys should always wait for potential clients to initiate contact.
Transparent Fee Structures: Transparency is key. Clients should fully understand any fees or percentages that will be taken from their settlements.
Prioritizing Client Interests: An attorney must always act in the best interest of their client, even if it doesn’t align with the attorney’s financial interests.
Educating the Public: Moving Beyond Stereotypes

The best way to challenge stereotypes is through education. Understanding the role and importance of personal injury attorneys in our legal system is essential. We don’t chase ambulances; we chase justice. We don’t exploit; we advocate.

It’s also essential to choose a firm with a solid reputation for ethical behavior. We encourage everyone in Columbus and surrounding areas to do their research, ask questions, and select a firm that aligns with their values and needs.


Ethics and integrity stand as the pillars of legal practice. At SELPH LAW, located conveniently at 6047 Frantz Road, Dublin OH 43017, and reachable at 614-453-0971, we’re committed to upholding these principles in every case we undertake. We believe in genuine advocacy and remain devoted to helping our clients navigate the complexities of personal injury law with dignity and respect.

Don’t let stereotypes cloud judgment. When you or your loved ones need assistance, choose based on reputation, ethics, and genuine care.

Would you like to discuss your personal injury case? Reach out to us at SELPH LAW, where our primary aim is your well-being and justice.

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