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28 Mar

The Top 5 Craziest Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases can be strange and unusual, but some are downright crazy. Here are a few of the craziest personal injury cases that have ever been filed:

The Case of The Electrocuted Robber

In this case, a burglar was electrocuted while trying to break into a home. The burglar sued the homeowner for damages, claiming that the homeowner’s security system was defective. The court found in favor of the homeowner, ruling that the burglar was solely responsible for his own injuries.

The Case of The Seatbelt Struggle

In this case, a woman drowned after her car rolled over into a river. The woman’s family sued the car manufacturer, claiming that the seatbelt was defective. The court found in favor of the car manufacturer, ruling that the seatbelt was not defective and that the woman’s death was caused by her own negligence.

The Case of the Botched Suicide

In 2003, a 39-year-old woman named Seong Sil Kim decided to end her life by lying down on the subway tracks in New York City. However, the train did not kill her. Instead, she was left with a partially amputated hand, a fractured skull, and a long list of other substantial injuries.

Kim sued the New York City Transit Authority for damages, claiming that the agency had failed to provide adequate warning that the tracks were dangerous. The case went to trial, and a jury awarded Kim $160,000. However, the judge later reduced the award to $120,000.

The Case of the Spilled Coffee

In 1992, a 79-year-old woman named Stella Liebeck was sitting in the passenger seat of her grandson’s car when she ordered a cup of coffee from a McDonald’s drive-thru. When she received the coffee, she placed it between her legs to open it. However, the coffee was so hot that it spilled, causing third-degree burns to her private area.

Liebeck sued McDonald’s for damages, claiming that the coffee was unreasonably hot and that the company was negligent in not warning her of the danger. The case went to trial, and a jury awarded Liebeck $2.9 million. However, the judge later reduced the award to $640,000.

The Case of the Phone Booth Deathtrap

In 1994, a 42-year-old man named Mr. Bigbee was using a payphone when a car crashed into the phone booth, trapping him inside. The impact from the crash caused Bigbee to suffer a broken leg, a broken arm, and a severe head injury. He also suffered a heart attack and died at the scene.

Bigbee’s family sued the driver of the car for damages, claiming that the driver was negligent in not stopping at the red light. The case went to trial, and a jury awarded Bigbee’s family $25,000.

These are just a few of the craziest personal injury cases in history. While these cases may seem strange, they are a reminder that personal injury cases can be complex and that there is often more to the story than meets the eye. If you have been injured in a personal injury accident, it is important to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your legal options. An attorney can help you understand your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve.


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