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05 Jan

Trucking Accidents In Ohio

Trucking Accident in Geauga County

On November 22nd 2021, police received a call of a head on collision on State Route 44. There were two vehicles involved in this head on accident. One vehicle, a semi traveling northbound on State Route 44, and a van carrying 7 passengers traveling southbound. The passenger van crossed over the centerline striking the semi head on, at that point in time after authorities had rushed to the scene 4 people in the van were pronounced as fatalities. Three people in the passenger van were transported to the hospital as well as the driver of the semi truck. One passenger from the van succumbed to their injuries after reaching the hospital totalling five fatalities. The rest of the injured people are said to be in stable condition at UH Geauga Medical Center. Everyone involved in the accident was said to be adults over the age of 18.


Trucking in Ohio

Cars are very dangerous. They are fast, heavy, powerful and unfortunately susceptible to human operating error. Trucks have the same issues, just bigger! A truck is bigger and heavier than a normal car and drivers have to deal with maneuvering a trailer which can make operating even more difficult. To make matters even worse, drivers are oftentimes on a tight schedule and have to drive for long hours, making it difficult to stay sharp and attentive to the road for the entire trip. 

Truck crashes can be extremely serious, causing major injury as well as property damage. Every year, there are more than half a million accidents involving large trucks. Those accidents result in about 100,00 serious injuries and more than 5,000 deaths. Most of those victims were passengers in cars that were struck by a semi truck.

The best way to stay safe from crashes involving semi trucks is to follow general guidelines for safe driving. Follow the rules and regulations of the road, do not speed, don’t drive aggressively, don’t tailgate. Focus solely on driving. Distractions can prove to be dangerous and oftentimes deadly. Finally, be aware of the limitations of semi trucks. Stay further behind a semi truck than you normally would a regular vehicle. Semi’s have larger blind spots so try and stay away from those areas. The best way to stay safe is to be attentive and alert of what other vehicles are doing on the roadways around you and remember to always wear a seatbelt.


Have you been Injured in a truck accident?

If you have been injured in an accident with a large truck you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. Tompkins Selph & Associates can help . Truck accident law is a specialized area of practice at our firm. Our attorneys have extensive experience truck accident cases and working for the insurance defense industry. That gives us unique insight that greatly benefits our clients. Our team of experts will help analyze everything from road conditions to other drivers actions on the roadway so we can better build your case. 

Compensation for an accident in which you are not at fault can include medical expenses, lost wages, lost future earnings as well as pain and suffering and more. We can help you build your case and pursue it to the fullest extent. After you are injured in an accident you may be offered a settlement by an insurance company. NEVER accept a settlement of any amount without consulting your attorney first. Insurance companies will offer you as little money as possible, and once you accept an offer you lose the ability to claim even more compensation later on in time. 

Call a Top Rated Personal Injury Attorney at (614)-453-0971 if you have suffered injuries due to another driver’s negligence on the roadways. 

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