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20 Nov

Understanding “Pain and Suffering”: The Subjective Side of Personal Injury

Article written by SELPH LAW, your trusted personal injury law firm in Columbus, OH.

When someone hears the term “personal injury”, images of physical wounds, broken bones, and hospital stays often come to mind. But what about the emotional scars and psychological impacts that aren’t visible? In the realm of personal injury law, these intangible harms are encapsulated by the phrase “pain and suffering.” At SELPH LAW, based in Dublin, Ohio, we believe it is crucial for everyone, whether you’ve been injured or not, to understand this multifaceted component of personal injury claims.

What is “Pain and Suffering”?
In legal terms, “pain and suffering” refers to the physical and emotional distress resulting from an injury. It doesn’t just pertain to the immediate pain from a wound but also encompasses the lingering pain, emotional trauma, depression, scars, and even the loss of enjoyment of life that may persist long after the physical injuries have healed.

Two Facets of Pain and Suffering
Physical Pain and Suffering: This relates to the pain stemming directly from physical injuries. It includes the immediate pain and discomfort post-accident as well as any prospective pain anticipated in the future.
Mental Pain and Suffering: This extends beyond physical pain. It comprises emotional distress, including anxiety, depression, loss of sleep, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and other emotional challenges that emerge after an accident or injury.
The Challenges of Quantifying Pain and Suffering
The primary challenge with “pain and suffering” is its inherent subjectivity. Unlike medical bills or lost wages, there isn’t a definitive dollar amount attached to the trauma someone experiences. Every individual’s threshold for pain, emotional resilience, and personal experiences are unique. Thus, the compensation sought for pain and suffering varies greatly from one person to another.

To ensure fair compensation, legal professionals and the court system employ various methods to gauge pain and suffering. This may include:

Medical records and expert testimonies: Health care providers can shed light on the severity of injuries and the long-term implications these might have on an individual’s quality of life.
Personal diaries: Victims maintaining records of their daily pain levels, emotional states, and other challenges faced post-injury can offer powerful insights into their suffering.
Testimonies from friends and family: Loved ones can provide an external perspective on how the victim’s life has changed post-injury, highlighting the depth of their pain and suffering.
Why It’s Essential to Have an Expert by Your Side
The complexity of assessing pain and suffering emphasizes the need for seasoned legal guidance. SELPH LAW, situated at 6047 Frantz Road in Dublin, OH, brings years of experience in representing personal injury victims. We understand the intricacies of these claims and the nuances of emotional and physical trauma.

If you or a loved one has been injured, it’s crucial to recognize the potential long-term impacts it may have on your mental well-being and quality of life. While no monetary compensation can truly make up for the trauma experienced, it can help ease the journey to recovery and ensure a more stable future.

For dedicated support in navigating the complexities of personal injury claims and ensuring your pain and suffering are adequately represented, reach out to SELPH LAW at 614-453-0971. Our team stands ready to champion your rights and ensure you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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